Growth Strategy

Key trends continue to drive long-term growth in third party transportation, such as increased outsourcing, adoption of core carrier programs, increased reliance on technology, and globalization of supply chains. To capitalize on those trends and meet our growth goals over the long term, we will continue to:

Grow market share with new and existing customers

C.H. Robinson maintains a leading position in many of the markets we serve, including truckload and less than truckload services in North America, ocean services from China to the United States, and our managed services that span the globe. We are committed to flawless execution for our customers and constantly strive to earn the next opportunity to improve their overall transportation and supply chain performance. Additionally, the markets we serve are large and diversified. Our current low single digit market share provides a great opportunity for us to continue to grow our business across all services.

Add services that are consistent with our business model

We are continuously thinking of new ways to evolve our services. Much of our success through the years has come from listening to our customers and developing new services to meet their changing needs. We serve a fast-changing industry that will continue to drive the need for additional services in our portfolio. Supply chains are growing in complexity and are moving faster than ever. Technology and increased visibility allow us to optimize our processes and help customers make better decisions. Customers bring their goods to market in many new and exciting ways. All of these factors allow us to do what we do best: evolve our services as customers and contract carriers require.

Expand and optimize our global network

There are many parts of the world where we don't have a presence today. We are focused on opportunities to expand our presence and actively go after market share. Our customer portfolio is vast, and many have global supply chain needs. We have been able to increase our service penetration with our global customers and will continue to do so going forward. We have also expanded our office network outside of North America, which we plan to continue through both new office openings and acquisition opportunities.